Why choose Ensbury Vets?

We are one of a handful of family run independent vets across the county and pride ourselves on remaining a small yet experienced practice offering our clients the best care for their pets. The practice has undergone many changes since it was established 70 years ago, adapting to the rapid advances in diagnostics and treatments, encouraging the staff to continue further education in an evolving Veterinary World.

The whole team have first-hand experience of the importance of pets within the family home. That is why everyone at the practice works hard to provide the best veterinary treatment.

So, if you are seeking treatment or advice for your pet, do please contact us.

Our Practice



Ensbury Vets Reception

We aim to be as helpful and approachable as possible, our qualified nurses are always available to offer advice and are at the front of house as much as they can.

Be prepared to meet a variety of animals in reception. We once had a pig on our records. We see the occasion chicken, ferret, parrots, snakes, lizards and tortoises, however, you will more commonly see dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs. 

Opening hours

Monday – Friday
8.30am – 6.30pm
8.30am – 12.00pm
Sunday & Public Holidays

01202 514135

Kennel room

Chi in the Kennel RoomWe provide a spacious kennel area which means it’s easy to space animals out to reduce stress.

This is where we do our pre-operation checks. These will include TPR (Temperature, Pulse and respiration rate) checks and fluid therapy. Blood samples are taken in the nurses room but are performed at the same time as the other checks. If we are happy with all of our findings we will then prepare them for theatre.

After a theatre we will transfer them back to the kennel room and pre-form further TPR check to make sure they are recovering as best as they can.


Lab / X-ray room

We are able to run a variety of blood tests in our onsite laboratory, including detailed haematology and biochemistry. Additional more specialised tests are couriered overnight to an external laboratory.

Digital x-ray equipment produces more detailed and accurate images which often means the procedure takes less time as well as making storage of the images easier. Radiographs are useful to diagnose conditions such as gastrointestinal foreign bodies, heart and respiratory diseases, spinal conditions such as prolapsed discs or bone changes of the spine, hip dysplasia, bone fractures, cruciate ligament damage and other causes of lameness.

Operating Theatre

In theatre we can see anything from a routine sedate clip nails to orthopaedic surgery and lifesaving surgery. We operate after morning consultations. Theatre is usually a busy room with two to three members of staff at any one time, a nurse anaesthetist, a theatre nurse and the surgeon.

Nurses Room

Nurses RoomOur nurses consult 5 days a week, this can vary from puppy and kitten checks, including advise on diet, behaviour and neutering, diabetic clinics to advise clients on managing their pet’s health.

You will often see one of our nurses if your pet has been in for an operation or dental treatment as our nurses manage our post-operative care.

You can also bring your pet in for claw clipping with one of our nurses and if you are part of our Healthy Pet Club, this is free to you!

We are more than happy to help guide you in all aspects of your pet’s health.

Puppy and Kitten checks are a great way of making the vets fun for your puppy, de-sensitising them and making future visits to the vets more enjoyable.  For kittens it’s a great way to get them used to the cat box and car journey, there is always a treat as encouragement. In this clinic the nurses are able to guide you with any problems you might be having with toilet training for both cat and dogs, training, and behaviour.

Our nurses can teach you techniques that can help de -sensitise your pet to nail clipping, looking at teeth, feet, legs, eyes, ears and nose.  All of this will make visits in the future a much more pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Weight clinics are an important part of our nurses role as obesity in pets is an increasing problem, potentially leading to many health problems, for example, diabetes and heart disease. We can help you to manage your pets weight loss and discuss why your pet may be gaining weight and getting the whole family on board. We offer hints and tips to help keep your hungry hound and famished felines happy.

Geriatric clinics are a great way to discuss changes in your pets physical and mental wellbeing as they grow older. The nurses can discuss changes you might have seen in your pet or changes you need to be aware of that you may see as old age but can easily treated to improve their quality of life for example thyroid disease, kidney disease and osteo arthritis.

About Us

Our veterinary practice has established itself amongst the local community and now provides care to thousands of pets every year.


The practice provides a full range of services and our veterinary care is underpinned by the use of a full range of modern treatments.

Meet the team

Everyone at our practice is committed to providing you with the very best in pet healthcare. Find out about our team members.


We are conveniently located at 117 Ensbury Park Road in Bournemouth. Free parking is available for all our clients at the rear of the practice.